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Treadmaster Treadcote Blue 1 Litre

Treadmaster Treadcote Blue 1 Litre

TREADCOTE is designed to rejuvenate the appearance of heavily weathered or stained TREADMASTER Original . The product is easy to apply, full surface preparation and application details are shown on the can. Available in colours to suit TREADMASTER Original.   INSTRUCTIONS FOR USE
Surface Preparation   The Treadmaster Original must be completely clean, dry and free of any oil, grease or other contamination.   The surface should be prepared by gentle but thorough scrubbing with Treadmaster Cleaner taking care to clean well into the surface profile, but avoiding damaging the pattern. Finally the Treadmaster should be thoroughly rinsed and allowed to dry.   Conditions   Ensure good ventilation throughout the operation.   Painting should only be undertaken in dry conditions at temperatures between 10 degrees c and 25 degrees c.   Application   The deck should be masked off around the sheet to prevent splashing.   Any splashes on surrounding surfaces should be wiped up immediately.   The Treadcote will settle during storage. Before use the container should be swirled gently from end to end for 5 minutes to ensure even dispersion of pigments. Do not shake vigorously. When ready for use the Treadcote should appear evenly coloured and have a thin creamy consistency.   Agitate occasionally during use.   For application to Treadmaster DP diamond pattern brush carefully along the grooves in both directions, without allowing the Treadcote to puddle, then for the most even finish, use a short pile gloss roller, worked well to remove excess Treadcote, to run lightly over the diamonds.   For application to Treadmaster SP shallow textured surface a short pile gloss roller is recommended for the best finish.   For either application method do not apply too thickly.   Wait until dry normally 3 to 4 hours depending on conditions before re-coating.   Do not walk on your Treadcote or allow it to come into contact with water for at least 4 hours and ideally 24 hours.

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