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Nasa Marine Target Navtex Pro Plus With H Vector Antenna

Nasa Marine Target Navtex Pro Plus With H Vector Antenna



Target Navtex Pro-Plus V2 complete with H Vector Antenna

The Target Navtex Pro is packed with features yet is still remarkably easy to install and use. Great care has been taken to make this unit very simple to operate, in fact should one lose the comprehensive instruction book supplied with it, it is possible to program the unit via the on-screen menus - it really is that simple. The messages are displayed on a high contrast backlit liquid crystal display with a clear line space between messages to aid location - this is necessary as the unit has a very large memory.
You can be sure you always have up to the minute data as the memory will overwrite the oldest messages if it becomes full. However you can at any time erase the data memory if you wish. It is like a continuous stream of paper - without the mess or expense!
Navtex has come of age, a free worldwide information service in English. A Navtex receiver is fast becoming a most essential piece of equipment and the Target Navtex Pro is state of the art. This excellent piece of equipment comes complete with its own active aerial and is designed to be left on continuously - consuming a miserly 40mA. Can you afford to be without one?

Technical Specifications

518 and 490 kHz operation
800 line memory with line space between messages and no words broken at line ends
Automatic reset from power up
Single and multiple line message scrolling
Non volatile program and message memory
Program status can be viewed and changed at any time
Switchable Backlight with power save timer
Easy to read text on high contrast backlit LCD
Supply voltage 12-15v DC
Current consumption 40mA + 200mA for switchable backlight
Dimensions - Width 220mm, Height 98mm, Depth 48mm

Conventional navtex antennas respond to the electrical component associated with the navtex radio signal. They usually perform well at sea where electrical interference is low but can sometimes be overwhelmed with interference especially when in harbour and connected to shore power.
In most small craft the electrical system acts as an effective ground for the antenna but it can also be a source of interference conducted from other electrical equipment on board. Electrical interference can result in poor reception especially in a marina where the ambient level is high or at sea when poorly suppressed electrical equipment is in use.
The omnidirectional H-Vector antenna is not sensitive to electric fields but to the magnetic component of the navtex signal. As a result it is less sensitive to locally generated interference and, as it does not need a ground, it is not affected by conducted ground interference whether in harbour or at sea.
The net result is that, under adverse conditions, the H-Vector antenna can deliver a significant improvement to navtex reception. The mushroom shaped antenna is compatible with the Clipper navtex, series 2 Target navtex and with the navtex engine. It can be mounted on a cabin roof or rail mounted using an appropriate threaded antenna base.
Note - the antenna mount is not included. There are several options to choose from.
H Vector Antenna is compatible with:
PC NAVTEX PRO - All variants
TARGET NAVTEX PRO PLUS with keypad control frequency switching

EAN no: 00799439091849

We do not hold this item in stock - lead time is generally 5-7 working days. Please contact us if you have an urgent requirement
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We do not hold this item in stock - lead time is generally 5-7 working days. Please contact us if you have an urgent requirement

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