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Nasa Marine Target 2 Wind Speed Display Only

Nasa Marine Target 2 Wind Speed Display Only

Target Wind Speed and Direction   All instruments in the Target Range are designed to run on 12v supply, but due to the very low power consumption there is no reason why they cannot run off dry batteries. They provides accurate readings for owners of sailing craft and powerboats alike.
Designed for long term maintenance-free performance, the NASA Wind Speed and Direction instrument is robust in manufacture and simple in operation. Initial set-up aligns the boats head with the wind indicator so the masthead unit - not included, can be mounted in any convenient location and is not bound to fore-aft mounting.   Technical Specifications 
Full 360 degree display of apparent wind 
No dead quadrant 
Digital wind speed in knots 
keypad adjustment of mast-head alignment 
Large display, back-lit for night use 
Supply voltage nominal 12v DC 
Compact cockpit display unit 132 x 98 x 30mm 
Low current consumption    Note: Display only - no masthead unit included

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