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Marlin Echo Antifoul 70ml - Transducer Paint Black

Marlin Echo Antifoul 70ml - Transducer Paint Black

Echo Antifoul 70ml - Transducer Paint

The Echo Antifoul paint is used to antifoul the transducer of a sonar fish finder or depth sounder echo sounders.  Instructions for the fitting of echo sounders indicate that normal antifoul should not be used on the transducer because:
Solvents damage the transducer and electrical conductivity of the paint reduces the signal, and that traditional thick antifoul reduces signal strength.

Marlin Eco Antifoul is

Water based
Contains no copper
Produces a thin film

And therefore minimised the impact on the transducer
To our knowledge there is no other product like Echo.

EAN UPC GTIN: 4250142853217

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