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McMurdo Fast Find 220 PLB with GPS

McMurdo Fast Find 220 PLB with GPS
McMurdo Fast Find 220 PLB with GPS - view 1McMurdo Fast Find 220 PLB with GPS - view 2McMurdo Fast Find 220 PLB with GPS - view 3McMurdo Fast Find 220 PLB with GPS - view 4


Buoyancy Pouch, Neck Lanyard & Belt Carry Pouch supplied with every Fastfind 220   The new FASTFIND 220 406 Mhz GPS Personal Location Beacon (PLB) is the most compact, waterproof and versatile 406 MHz emergency location beacon available on the market today. And with an integral 50-channel GPS receiver giving pinpoint location the FASTFIND 220 offers recreational boaters, professional and semi-professional crew, delivery yachtsmen and fishermen with the very best chance of being found at sea in an emergency.   FASTFIND is a potential life saver, weighing in at just 150g and with dimensions of D34mm x W47mm x L106mm it will slip into the smallest pocket or back pack compartment. The user can set off in the most remote locations around the world, at sea, on land or in the air, and be confident of being able to contact the world's professional search and rescue services directly if they are unlucky enough to encounter life threatening situations. The 6-Year battery is non hazardous, so the FASTFIND 220 can be taken on board passenger aircraft in your normal luggage.   Transmits for a minimum of 24 hours
Transmits on both 406MHz & 121.5MHz
Built-in 50 Channel GPS
Integral SOS LED flash light facility (Manually activated)
6-year battery storage life
Operates down to -20deg C

EAN UPC GTIN: 5035963007358

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Ref: SM498-91001220A

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