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Coelan Anti-Slip Glass Powder Beads 300g

Coelan Anti-Slip Glass Powder Beads 300g

Coaelan Antislip Glass Powder transparent

COELAN Antislip Glass Powder is a fine transparent powder which can be used to increase slip resistance by distributing it over a still-wet surface that has been coated with COELAN Boating Coating. COELAN Antislip Powder can be used on any surface material coated with COELAN, including wood, rubber, metal, plastic and fabric.

Container Size and Identification No.:
300 Grams Article No: 51540-26035
Consumption approximately:
100 to 200 grams per sq. meter or 3.38 oz. to 6.76 oz .per 10.76 sq. ft.

EAN UPC GTIN: 4034052451080

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