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Torqeedo Travel 1003S Standard Shaft Outboard Motor 1003 - 1142-00

Torqeedo Travel 1003S Standard Shaft Outboard Motor 1003 - 1142-00
Torqeedo Travel 1003S Standard Shaft Outboard Motor 1003 - 1142-00 - view 1Torqeedo Travel 1003S Standard Shaft Outboard Motor 1003 - 1142-00 - view 2Torqeedo Travel 1003S Standard Shaft Outboard Motor 1003 - 1142-00 - view 3Torqeedo Travel 1003S Standard Shaft Outboard Motor 1003 - 1142-00 - view 4

Ref: TZ1142-00


The new generation of Travel outboards: smarter, stronger and more rugged than before. The perfect outboard for tenders, sailing dinghies and day sailors has become even better. No petrol, no oil, no mixing, smells or leaks. No pulling or choke decisions or fuel going stale. Just push the button, twist and go. Quiet and worry free motoring with a constantly updating range display. Forward, reverse and safety lanyard on all models.

Updated battery technology with allows the battery to be charged in half the time if using the new charger included with engine. Also included is a new USB outlet which allows other items to be charged from the Torqeedo battery and a new 2 bladed propeller for better efficiency.

Battery charge time now reduced with the more powerful charger.
The battery recharge time from empty to full ranges between some 5 hours Travel 503 and 6 hours Travel 1003. Comes complete with a new high output mains charger and lead. We also include a mains adaptor to suit UK plugs.

Lithium-manganese battery life expectancy:
Charge cycles are not the main factor affecting the service life of the lithium- manganese battery. The battery does not have a memory-effect. Generally, a loss of capacity of 4% per year can be assumed. Ageing is accelerated if the battery is exposed to high temperatures for long periods and if it is stored fully charged for long periods. Therefore, the battery can be used in very hot conditions, but should be removed from the sun and stored in a cool place when not used. If it is stored for a longer period of time, its charge status should be about 50%. If these instructions are followed, your battery will have a life expectancy of some 6-10 years.

Integrated battery specifications:
The battery of the Travel motors have a capacity of 320 Wh Travel 503 and 532 Wh Travel 1003. The batteries are rated 11 Ah @ 29.6 V Travel 503 and 18 Ah @ 29.6 V Travel 1003.

Charging from solar:
The battery can be solar-charged during use. It comes with a charge connector that accepts 12 V solar chargers with power input of 4 Amps at maximum. See 1132-00

Charging from the on-board power supply:
To charge the battery from an on-board power supply, you will need an 12v Charger lead available separately See 1128-00

All motor components are watertight, protected against complete immersion. IP67 rated

The motor shuts off when the magnetic key on the remote throttle control is removed. Therefore, for safety reasons, the magnetic key should be attached to the wrist or the life vest.

Key improvements of Travel 503/1003 models over the previous models:
Fully waterproof design, IP 67 all components can be submersed for 1 hour at 1 metre below surface without any harm.
Integrated GPS and information system: provides precise real-time information on battery charge status, remaining range at current speed, speed over ground and power consumption GPS receiver located in the battery, information display located in the tiller.
Improved mechanical stability, ruggedness and suitability for salt water use.
20 percent higher power.
Approx. 10% higher efficiency.
30% higher battery capacity for the Travel 1003 over the 801 model.
All models can be solar-charged during operation.
Audible alarm warns when battery charge status reaches 30%

1142-00 Travel 1003 S  3hp  Approximately equivalent to 4hp gasoline outboard; including integrated 532 Wh LIMA high performance battery and charger, Standard (short) shaft length is 62.5 cm, for a 381mm transom, total weight (inc. battery) 13.4KG, weight of integrated battery alone 4.5KG
2 year warranty 1142-00

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EAN no: 4260113692806

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