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Scrubbis Catching Boat and Mooring Hook Only

Scrubbis Catching Boat and Mooring Hook Only

Buoy Hook only
This amazing new Line Reever called Catching is a smart 2-in-1 boat hook with multi-purpose functionality. It can thread two heavy-duty lines round a buoy or can be used as a conventional boat hook .

This is the best line-reever we've seen. It's really tough and solid. In our humble opinion, it leaves all other line-reevers and mooring devices in its wake.

It's available as a complete set or you can purchase the hook on it's own which fits securely to the Scrubbis Telescopic Handle - thus alleviating the need for yet another pole to carry on your boat.

Swedish innovation - it's yet another quality product in the Scrubbis family which saves you space.

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Ref: CU41202


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