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RYA G109 RYA Sail and Power Logbook

RYA G109 RYA Sail and Power Logbook

The RYA Sail and Power Logbook combines the previous RYA Sail and Power logbooks into one incredibly useful volume that is ideal for all cruising boaters. This new logbook contains 90 logging pages and the bonus sections include: IALA buoyage, international code flags; plotting essentials which incorporates dead reckoning and estimated position; and common abbreviations for nautical terms.

Unique to the RYA, these logging pages also include space to enter the weather forecast at the time of voyage.

This new logbook has been designed to reflect more of the cruiser's needs than ever before, with the page layouts as follows:

4: Introduction
5: IALA Buoyage
6: Code flags
7: Plotting Essentials
8-9: Distance Sailed in a Given Time
10-11: Distance Covered in a Given Time Motor
12: Beaufort Scale
13: Common Abbreviations delete Deviation
14-15: Example pages
16-105: Log pages Date box at top, Columns, Time, Course, Log, Distance, Leeway, Barometer, Wind, Cloud, Precipitation, Position, Engine Oil/Temperature/RPM, Remarks, Forecast and crew box, Route box, Passage Totals/Running Totals/Engine Hours/Fuel box
106-109: Waypoints
110-111: Routes
112-113: Service Data and Service Notes
114-117: Engine log
118-121: Equipment list
122-123: Season Summary
124-125: Name/Address/Telephone
126-127: Notes

EAN UPC GTIN: 9781910017241

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