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Coelan Red Primer Pigmented Transparent 250ml

Coelan Red Primer Pigmented Transparent 250ml

COELAN elastic, red pigmented primer is produced specifically for application on various types of dark grained wood such as mahogany, dark red oak and redwood. COELAN Primer is an indispensable part of a COELAN Boat Coating application. This primer is essential on all bare wood and helps to create a chemical and mechanical bond with the COELAN transparent gloss coating. This primer also contains Ultraviolet UV inhibitors to help lengthen the life of the applied coating.

Container Size and Identification No.:
250ml Article No: 60020_50255

Consumption approximately:
7 fluid ounces per 10.5 square feet.
200 ml. per 1 square meter.

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Ref: BBCOE6002050255

RRP 35.69

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