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Blue Performance Protection Awning - Small 300 x 260cm

Blue Performance Protection Awning - Small 300 x 260cm

Attention to detail make this the easiest of awnings to put up.
Waterproof, ripstop, reflective material provides UV and rain protection.
Port and starboard coloured reinforcement 
Reinforced with webbing
Easy Set Up and Storage
1 Throw the awning over the boom,
2 Clip two buckle ties sewn on the inside ridge around the boom
3 Secure the ridge to the mast with an adjustable webbing buckle
4 Pass the two sides of the cockpit section around the topping lift and Velcro them together at the ridge.
5 Tie the ridge to the back stay with the cord provided.
6 Secure the edges and corners with adjustable webbing ties   Available in three sizes
Part Model Dimensions
85101 Small 300 x 260 cm
85111 Medium 330 x 285 cm
85121 Large 360 x 310 cm 

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Ref: CU85101


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