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Adlard Coles Stress-Free Motorboating

Adlard Coles Stress-Free Motorboating

Stress-free Motorboating is the answer to all single- or short-handed crew's prayers. Highly illustrated with step by step photographs, this unique handbook tackles the most common motorboating situations anyone cruising along the coast or river will have to manage - whether cruising along a river or the coast. It covers tricky procedures for getting off and then back on a marina berth, anchoring, mooring to a buoy or jetty, motoring in big seas, entering locks, and even picking up a man overboard, with QR codes linking to helpful instructional action videos. Essential advice is given about fuel monitoring, engine care and maintenance, looking after batteries, and many more issues specific to motorboats. Stress-free Motorboating will be a godsend to all crews, whether aboard a 35-footer, a sports runabout or a 60-foot displacement cruiser, whether crossing the Channel or just pottering along the coast or a river. ISBN / Part No: 9781472927828 Author: Duncan Wells
Publisher: Adlard Coles Nautical
ISBN: 9781472927828

EAN UPC GTIN: 9781472927828

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