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Sterling Portable Global Smart Charger GS125B 12v 5A

Sterling Portable Global Smart Charger GS125B 12v 5A

Sterling Portable Global Smart Charger GS125B Features auto repair program
The new micro processor controlled small portable charger can now be used anywhere in the world. It not only gives you all the latest pulse charging and built in de-sulphation but is also truly global, with 100-230 volt 50-60 hz ac input, putting the product in a class of its own.

Features and benefits of this portable charger
Universal AC Input 100V to 240V: can be used anywhere in the world, truly global charging.
Suitable for all types of lead acid batteries: Wet, GEL, AGM, Calcium
Simple 3 touch screen selections with intuitive iconic LED indications: simple to use.
3 charge modes, small battery, large battery and Cold Charge, ideal for low temperature battery charging, of de-sulphation, and also for the new Calcium where a higher voltages is required to charge the batteries.
Microprocessor Control multi-stage charger with Pulse Absorption and Float Charge: fast charge but safe floating for long term operation.
Checks if a battery is faulty, the processor can automatically identify if a battery is beyond repair and flash a warning light to inform you if it needs replacing.
Repairs faulty batteries if recoverable if the battery is found to be faulty but repairable the unit will automatically identify the fault and inject high voltage short DC pulses until the battery is repaired, an l.e.d. shows the charger is on repair mode.
Defective battery identification. If after 8 hrs on the repair mode the battery is deemed not to be repairable then an l.e.d. will flash to inform you that the battery is beyond help and needs replacing.
Three charge modes, when the battery is found to be suitable for a charge then the charger will bulk charge, then pulse width absorption charge and finally float charge, the unit can be left on permanently.
Soft start charging: if the battery is found to be heavily depleted then the smart charger will start at a low pulse current until the battery has reached a level where it can then absorb the full charge power.
50% power reduction mode: for small batteries under 30 amp hrs.
Cold weather 14.8v x 2 for 24 v charge mode option.
Two interchangeable connection leads with clamps and eyelet terminals.
Thermal control, regulates charge current in hot conditions.
No connection spark, there is no output voltage until the battery is connected.
Electronic reverse polarity protection with LED warning.
40 hrs time out to avoid any possible problems
Short circuit protected.
Thermal protection, reduces power and switches off if too hot.
AC input range 100-240 v
AC frequency 47-64 hz
Full load 1.3 amps at 230 v a/c
Max power 70 watts
Optional Efficiency >81%
Max DC current 5 amps
Charge voltage for sealed battery 14.4v x 2 for 24v
Low temp-calcuim mode 14.7 x 2 for 24 v
Float mode high level 13.5v x 2 for 24 v
Float mode low level 12.8v x 2 for 24 v
Ripple 200mv
Protection: overload, short circuit, over temperature, reverse polarity, no spark, short circuit, 40 amp time out.
Construction Pol-carbonate casting, water resistant
Approvals EN 60335, EN55014, IP45 body only
Weight 0.4 kg
Dimensions 150x60x30 mm

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