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CTEK Clamp Comfort Indicator

CTEK Clamp Comfort Indicator

CTEK Power Inc Battery Chargers - CTEK56384
Don't be kept in the dark about the status of your battery's charge! CTEK's Comfort Indicator lights up w/ all the information you need to keep your battery healthy and fully charged.
Works w/ all CTEK 12V Comfort Connect chargers
Easy-to-use system allows you to plug in charger without first removing indicator
Allows quick-glance access to your vehicle's battery-charge level
Simple, traffic-light-style display demystifies charging "mumbo jumbo"
Green: Battery is in good condition and does not need to be charged
Yellow: Battery should be charged to avoid damaging stratification
Red: Battery needs charging to enable restart
Equips you w/ the information you need to prolong the life of your battery
Properly charged batteries last longer - saving you time and money
Application: all CTEK 12V Comfort Connect chargers
Model: 56-384
Battery cable fuse: 15A
Battery cable length: 5'
Includes 1 battery-indicator cable w/ clamp terminals
5-Year warranty   CTEK Comfort Indicator wiring cables plug together w/ any Comfort Connect end plug and are compatible w/ CTEK Comfort Connect 12V chargers.
The simple-to-read, traffic-light styling of CTEK's Comfort Indicator panels allows quick and easy evaluation of your battery's charge level.
56-384 CTEK Add-On Comfort Indicator Battery Cable w/ Clamps 

EAN UPC GTIN: 7350009563840

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