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Coelan Thinner for Boat Coating 1 Litre

Coelan Thinner for Boat Coating 1 Litre

Coelan Thinner for Boat Coating

COELAN Thinner is used to dilute COELAN Boat Coating, making spray application easier for vertical and other surfaces (for information, please refer to the application directions). We recommend keeping Thinner available during work for cleaning tools and brushes, and for cleaning up drips.

Note: COELAN coating can only be used with COELAN Thinner.

Container Size and Identification No.:
1 Liter Article No: 50000_050105
Consumption approximately:
Recommended approx. 10 - 30 max % should be available during work.

EAN UPC GTIN: 4033485070080

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Ref: BBQ008920

RRP 18.79

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