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Palm Polycarbonate Clear Pitcher and Lid

Palm Polycarbonate Clear Pitcher and Lid
Palm Polycarbonate Clear Pitcher and Lid - view 1Palm Polycarbonate Clear Pitcher and Lid - view 2

Designing for function starts with a careful consideration of where this jug is likely to be used, how it is used, when it is used who typically uses it.
Designing for beauty brings all the elements together to create a sense of harmony and visual interest that continually challenges the visual senses.
And because the jug and lid is made from super-tough polycarbonate, it has the clarity of glass, is unbreakable, safe to use, and dishwasher safe.

This Jug and Lid is typically used by families, often to hold juice or water, and is stored in the refrigerator – usually in the door.
It has many innovative features which help resolve function, form and beauty
No Unsightly Die-Seam Line. Most jugs have an un-lightly seam-line running from under the spout to the base and on the other-side from the top across the handle to the base. Innovative tooling design has eliminated these unsightly die-seam lines.
Lid slides on easily yet locks when tipped. The lid on the Palm Jug does not rely on friction but geometry between the lid and jug to prevent it falling off – it drops on easily and is easy to rotate – yet locks when tipped – simple and effective. Most jug lids rely on friction with the jug to prevent the lid from falling off when the jug is tipped during pouring – lid must be pressed firmly onto the jug – which is not intuitive or easy for young children – resulting in a risk that the contents are spilled. This friction fit also makes rotating the lid to close it off almost impossible – it needs to be taken off and repositioned. Continual use will scuff the jug.

Easy grip handle Many jugs have thin, curved handles that are difficult to hold.
The handle has a generous vertical gripping section which is large enough to accommodate both hands of a child.
Fits Standard Fridge Doors and top shelf. Most jugs are too wide to fit into a fridge door and are too high to sit onto the top shelf.
Drip free Spout. The innovative V shaped spout makes pouring easy and drip free and its shape helps hold back ice-blocks.

Sparkle and Clarity
The Palm jug is made to Automotive lens standards which mean that its surfaces are highly polished and ripple free giving the jug and lid exceptional sparkle and clarity.


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