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Palm Marc Newson Design Champagne Flute - Unbreakable Blue - Pack of 4

Palm Marc Newson Design Champagne Flute - Unbreakable Blue - Pack of 4
Palm Marc Newson Design Champagne Flute - Unbreakable Blue - Pack of 4 - view 1Palm Marc Newson Design Champagne Flute - Unbreakable Blue - Pack of 4 - view 2

Marc Newson Unbreakable Drinkware Collection - The World’s Finest Unbreakable Drinkware – a synergy of form and function

Unbreakable & dishwasher safe - polycarbonate
Non-slip – utilizing a unique co-moulded base
Form & function – Marc Newson design winner of reddot award 2014
Available in 4 types: whisky 285ml - highball 425ml - wine 300ml - flute 180ml

This collection is the result of a collaboration between the design skills of Marc Newson, who has been described as the most influential designer of his generation and the engineering and production skills of Robert Wilson and his team at Palm Products.
The objective was to create the world’s finest range of unbreakable drinkware.
Marc Newson’s sculptured shapes are beautiful, dramatic and unique. Their brilliance comes from their honesty, functionality and timelessness and their understanding of material limitations. They are a pleasure to hold. The curved shapes sit naturally in the hand and they feel balanced with their glass-like weighed sections. They have a non-confrontational human quality. People seem to gravitate to them and enjoy handling them.
Competitors typically use single-shot moulding technology. This collection uses co-moulding as a disruptive technology to enhance visual and functional design.
The collections unique co-moulded coloured base and optional tinted top adds drama, individuality and facilitates customization for the mass market.
Superior functionality for indoor/outdoor use was the starting point for the design. Attention to detail and the use of co-moulding technology has assisted the range fulfil its intended purpose with a completeness that has not been achieved previously.
The shapes are compact and have a low centre of gravity. The co-moulded base is non-slip and also glows-in-the-dark (green only).
The materials used are dishwasher safe and unbreakable.
The execution lives up to the promise of the design, with glass-like clarity and industry leading shut-lines.
Flexible, automated production cells facilitate economic production and mass customization.
The result is a beautiful and unique collection of unbreakable drinkware – a true synergy of form and function.

A Pleasure to use
The range is also highly functional giving added pleasure in use – with many desirable features not found on other ranges.
The glasses will typically be used outdoors and in marine conditions where the surface may be uneven or unstable and where there may be wind. They are often used where glass presents a safety issue.
The shapes are stable with a heavy base.
The non-slip base help prevents movement and because it insulates the glass from a bench, it as acts as a coaster.
The tumblers stack with precision onto a fine ledge saving valuable storage space and preventing sticking and damage.
The range is totally unbreakable in normal use – the clear tops are made in either super-tough polycarbonate or Triton.
The range is also dishwasher safe. Annealing is used to give almost unlimited life – much longer than all other competitors’ ranges tested.

Palm Products is so confident of its product quality that it offers a lifetime guarantee.

The materials used are certified as passing the relevant European Commission and the US Food and Drug Administration food standards. The range carries the CE (Conformity European) mark.
The range is a safe alternative to glass and breakable plastics.

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