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McMurdo Smartfind M5 Class A AIS Transponder c/w GPS Antenna

McMurdo Smartfind M5 Class A AIS Transponder c/w GPS Antenna
McMurdo Smartfind M5 Class A AIS Transponder c/w GPS Antenna - view 1McMurdo Smartfind M5 Class A AIS Transponder c/w GPS Antenna - view 2McMurdo Smartfind M5 Class A AIS Transponder c/w GPS Antenna - view 3

Smartfind M5 AIS Class A Transponder is a flexible, user-friendly and cost-effective marine safety product incorporating MOB alerting. It gives mariners the ability to view at a glance the AIS status of vessels all around them and provides access to a host of detailed navigation information.

Compact Design
3.5in colour LCD display
Embedded coastline map
Detailed target list and Radar overview
Features AIS MOB SART alarm to aid MOB recovery
GPS antenna
Cable junction box
Mounting kit and flush mount
PC AIS Viewer software

A compact single box solution, the Smartfind M5 features a 3.5in bright colour LCD display with powerful juggle control for quick entry of voyage related information as well as easy navigation of menus.

Smartfind M5 Features ensure ease of use
Smartfind M5 provides automated AIS communication from ship-to-ship and ship-to-shore, transmitting and receiving vessel, voyage and safety related information. Own vessel voyage, position and course information is automatically transmitted and the AIS information provided by other ships in the vicinity, shore based stations and AIS equipped aids to navigation is clearly displayed.                   
The Smartfind M5 s powerful colour graphics capabilities can plot all surrounding AIS targets to give the officer of the watch a clear overview, and best visual understanding, of a developing hazard to the navigation situation.

Smartfind M5 features an embedded coast line map, detailed AIS target list and radar type overview. This enables users to react effectively in different maritime situations thanks to its direct control function keys. Low cost, reduced size and easy installation make the M5 ideal to meet the budgets and demands of owners and vessel operators in difficult economic times.

Additional Safety Features:
Smartfind M5 is the first AIS Class A to incorporate an MOB alert feature, taking safety via  AIS to a whole new level.

The Smartfind M5 is the only AIS Class A to feature a fully comprehensive AIS MOB and AIS SART alarm. It provides on screen indication and internal buzzer when any AIS SART/MOB  TXID is received, an optional remote waterproof MOB / alarm sounder is also available. It also allows a buddy list of the vessels own AIS MOB IDs and associated crew name and has a steer to rescue MOB casualty target screen. The AIS MOB alarm feature is compatible with the McMurdo S10 AIS Beacon, Smartfind S20 SRS and other AIS SART devices. 

Smartfind M5 provides complete AIS solution
The comprehensive interface capability of Smartfind M5 supports connection to a vessel s existing navigation sensors; connection of Electronic Chart Display and Information System ECDIS, or Electronic Chart System ECS using NMEA, NMEA2000 or USB interfaces. Compact, extremely easy to operate and to install, the Smartfind M5 is suitable for all vessels that are required by legislation to fit AIS equipment.

Smartfind M5 meets the EU Fishing Mandate requirements for a Class A Shipborne AIS transponder system and is ideal for any vessels which has to comply with the AIS requirements of the Safety Of Life At Sea SOLAS convention. 

Items included in the box:

Transponder unit with colour display
Junction box and link cable
GPS antenna
Pilot plug - remote socket box
Companion PC AIS Viewer Software

EAN UPC GTIN: 0658185001529

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Ref: SM498-21100001A

RRP 1973.77

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