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McMurdo Smartfind M15 Dual Channel AIS Receiver

McMurdo Smartfind M15 Dual Channel AIS Receiver
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Smartfind M15 is designed for recreational vessels using a computer with AIS-capable navigation software, it receives AIS messages, so can see other AIS equipped vessels within VHF range and can assist with collision avoidance.

High sensitivity Dual-Channel AIS Receiver
Receives AIS Class A, Class B, AIS SART and AIS Base Station messages
East to install USB plug and play connectivity
NMEA 0183 interface connection
VHF antenna socket
AIS viewer and configuration software CD-ROM
Status LED indicators

The Smartfind M15 AIS Receiver will decode all AIS messages that are transmitted by AIS Class A, Class B transponders, AIS SARTs, AIS MOBs and Aids To Navigation.  It is a high performance, low cost receiver, that brings many of the safety advantages of AIS to a wider range of vessels than ever before. 

The Smartfind M15 is designed with sophisticated dual-channel receivers for optimal performance. It is compact 128mm w x 36h x 88d, easy to install and supplied with user-friendly AIS viewer software for PC.

The interface capability of the Smartfind M15 supports connection to existing navigation and AIS display systems using NMEA 0183 or USB interfaces PC or Mac, offering a seamless integration with the vessel s navigation equipment.

Items included in the box:

AIS Receiver with integral cable for power, USB and NMEA 0183
User manual
PC AIS Viewer software

EAN UPC GTIN: 0658185001543

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