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Feldten Marine Lube Sealer 250ml

Feldten Marine Lube Sealer 250ml

Feldten Marine Lube Sealer is a lubricant that can be used on many of the moving parts on a boat such as the engine itself, deck equipment and rig to provide the best quality of anti-friction qualities to each movement.
The protective film with which Feldten Marine Lube Sealer coats the parts it comes into contact with is not greasy and it will not attract dust, dirt or any other contaminants.
Feldten Marine Lube Sealer dries rapidly, is highly adhesive and is a very smart way to reduce the wear of moving metal parts.
Feldten Marine Lube Sealer can be used on engine parts, travellers, furlers, mast tracks, genoa/mainsail tracks, blocks, hatches, sliding doors as well as many other locations that will benefit from effective lubrication.


Smart lubricant
Rapid drying
Reduces wear
Highly adhesive

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