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Digital Yacht AIS Life Guard - AIS SART Alarm System

Digital Yacht AIS Life Guard - AIS SART Alarm System

Digital Yacht AIS LifeGuard - AIS SART Alarm System    Part Number: ZDIGAISLG
UPC 030955183718   Features
Connects to existing AIS system (receiver or transponder) to provide loud audible and visual alarm when an AIS SART signal is received
Allows audible and visual alert of AIS MOB situation regardless of plotter settings or functionality
Interconnects via industry standard NMEA 0183 interface
Compatible with latest generation of AIS SARTs from McMurdo, Kannad, Wetterdock, Wamblee, etc
AIS SART TEST feature   AIS SARTs will gradually replace Radar SARTs on SOLAS vessels and larger pleasure vessels, but it is the new personal AIS SARTs (introduced via RTCM spec cC11901.0)
that will be of most interest to yachtsmen. These small hand held devices transmit the same sort of messages as the AIS SART and can be fitted to a life jacket as a personal
MOB device.   In the event of an emergency, they can be semi-automatically (generally attached to the bladder of the auto inflation life vest) or manually activated and then the position
of the MOB will be accurately relayed to all AIS equipped vessels within a radius of 24 Nautical Miles. Unlike conventional MOB systems, these personal AIS SARTs continue
to transmit the exact location of the MOB, which in strong tides or bad weather is a major safety benefit.   On the assumption that the best vessel to pick up the MOB is the vessel they fell from, it is important when deciding to invest in an AIS MOB system that you ensure that your
existing AIS system and chart plotter/PC Software, will respond properly to the AIS SART messages. Life Guard makes all this possible.   MOB situation occurs. Casualty is equipped with an AIS Personal SART activated either manually or by auto inflation of life jacket.
AIS SART message sent within 10 seconds of activation and position fix typically less than 1 minute Any vessel equipped with an AIS receiver or
transponder will detect the SART AIS signal and display it as a target on the plotter. Some later generation plotters will correctly identify it as a SART and may
provide an alarm. LifeGuard provides the best security by detecting the signal from the AIS receiver and activating a loud, 95dB alarm on board. It also has the
facility to drive an external device with a switched voltage output (up to 500mA).   Specifications AIS LifeGuard
Power & Data Connections 12/24V DC operation
NMEA 0183 38,400 baud input
Optional External buzzer
Reset/Mute switch
Alerts Visual LED indication of power & NMEA data
Visual indication of AIS SART alert
Audible internal 95dB buzzer for AIS SART alerts with
external option
Detects Message 1 (SART), Message 14 and also MMSI
prefix of 97 exclusively used by AIS SART units.
Size 105 x 72 x 31.5mm
Waterproof to IP54      

EAN UPC GTIN: 00030955183718

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