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Burgess Hydrosol Woodsealer 5L

Burgess Hydrosol Woodsealer 5L

One coat of Woodsealer on bare wood protects and enhances even grey weathered surfaces without sanding. It enhances the natural colour of wood immediately, masks minor blemishes, brings out the grain and in good drying weather dries in minutes to a finish rather like oiled teak.
Woodsealer adheres just as well to damp timber as to dry.
It contains biocides to discourage the growth of fungi and disfiguring green algae. It acts as a primer for paints and varnishes and provides a powerful bond even to badly weathered wood. Brushes may be cleaned with water, before they dry (Once dry the brushes must be cleaned with a strong solvent). Woodsealer will not flake off and worn patches can be touched in with Woodsealer to blend in with surrounding areas.

Technical Information:-

Woodsealer is based upon a fine particle size plastic resin dispersed in water. This allows the waterproof resin to be carried by water into the fibres of the timber. The water then evaporates allowing the resin to coalesce and form a solid plastic which is impervious to water, sunlight, oil, salt etc. The structure of the plastic is such that water vapour can pass through, thus any excess water in the timber is able to evaporate. Wood sealer is of low toxicity, is unlikely to irritate skin and is not volatile or flammable.

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