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Blue Performance Protection Awning - Medium 330 x 285cm

Blue Performance Protection Awning - Medium 330 x 285cm

Attention to detail make this the easiest of awnings to put up.
● Waterproof, ripstop, reflective material provides UV and rain protection.
● Port and starboard coloured reinforcement
● Reinforced with webbing and polyester hem
Easy Set Up & Storage
1 Throw the awning over the boom,
2 Clip two buckle ties sewn on the inside ridge around the boom
3 Secure the ridge to the mast with an adjustable webbing buckle
4 Pass the two sides of the cockpit section around the topping lift and Velcro them together at the ridge.
5 Tie the ridge to the back stay with the cord provided.
6 Secure the edges and corners with adjustable webbing ties   Available in three sizes
Part Model Dimensions
85101 Small 300 x 260 cm
85111 Medium 330 x 285 cm
85121 Large 360 x 310 cm   

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Ref: CU85111


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