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Barigo Barograph in Wooden Case

Barigo Barograph in Wooden Case

Mechanical barographs have a solid rotating brass drum that is driven by a quartz battery movement to rotate the drum once a week. A felt tip pen at the end of the writing arm shows changes in the air pressure on a paper diagram that is wrapped around the drum.

A mechanical barometer movement measures variation in the air pressure and transfers it very precisely through a system of mechanical levers to the writing arm. The high-quality mahogany case is polished several times and treated with a special high-gloss lacquer to produce an especially lustrous surface. The interior metal parts are solid brass, polished and gold-plated.

Come with a supply of charts and felt tip pens for one year.

Case: 195 x 125 x 127mm

Weight: 1.28Kg

Requires a 1.5V AA LR6 Battery - not included

Delivery from 5.95

For this item shipped on its own
(Terms apply)

Ref: AF6-08045

RRP 994.60

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